Unique Guide to Writing a Dissertation and Topics

One of the main things that differentiate a dissertation from a regular essay writing is your freedom to choose a topic. In writing a dissertation, you are allowed to come up with a topic, research it, and write extensively as possible. It requires that you deeply analyze various works of literature and views related to your chosen topic.

The topic you choose matters if you are to come up with a thought-provoking dissertation. You should be well versed in what you select to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. This article from RankMyService blog discusses how to choose a topic and provides some topic ideas for your next academic work.

What to Consider when Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Selecting a good topic for your dissertation takes a significant burden off your shoulder and proves your research capability. The topic you choose should be something that is

  • Interesting and inspires you

A dissertation takes a long time to complete and can even take a year. As such, any subject you decide on should be something you would want to conclude at all costs. You never grow tired of something that interests you, and it can help you write an excellent dissertation.

  • Uniqueness

It may be challenging to come up with a subject that hasn’t been explored before; however, whatever you select should be unique in its way. It should be something that has multiple research approaches, with different aspects to explore. With that, if a particular aspect of it has already been explored, you can look into other perspectives.

  • Relevant

The relevance of the theme within its field is also critical. Of what importance is it to your field of study, academia, industry, or the social-economic development of the people? You need to put all these into perspective and find a balance before deciding on a theme.

  • Makes you stay objective

Sometimes we can be deeply consumed in a subject that our views are always biased, favoring a particular viewpoint. This is most glaring when working on religious, political, or healthcare themes. If you can’t stay impartial on a topic, don’t choose it.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Topic?

  1. In summary, your dissertation topic should be
  2. Engaging and very clear without ambiguities
  3. Ask critical questions and tries to address them
  4. Has different viewpoints to explore
  5. Something you can explore with hindrances
  6. Has literature and other contents to peruse
  7. Relevant in its field

Suggested Dissertation Topics

Law and Criminal Justice

  • Theories analysis regarding the passage of risk.
  • Implementing Force Majeure in economic instability period
  • Education impact on juvenile justice cases
  • Dealing with antisocial behaviors using modern strategies


  • Does the higher-class population have more access to special education?
  • Is homeschooling taking over primary education methods?
  • Distance learning and the international student: challenges and way forward
  • Pro and cons of single-sex schools

Music / Culture

  • The influence of British invasion on music
  • Impact of electronic device revolution in modern music
  • E-books vs. libraries

Healthcare and Nursing

  • Transparency in NHS
  • Plant medicines vs. orthodox practices
  • Work-related stress among law enforcers