10 striking ideas related to journalism: dissertation writing topics

The human race thrives on the information of all sorts, from historical facts and theories to recent events of a few minutes ago. Indeed, everyone appreciates information for various reasons and we all get our information via different sources. If the information you seek is focused on current events, the source you need will most likely be a journalist.

Most students will be required to complete a dissertation at least once and this can be tough, especially for students with no experience in PhD thesis writing. Choosing a good topic can be very helpful, a step that most underestimate.

  1. Ideal reporter
  2. Uncover the secrets that enable famous reporters to be in the right place at the right time, to capture that career-changing story.

  3. Privacy issues
  4. To uncover the system that dictates what reporters can report and what they cannot, as well as the opinions of the general public on these factors.

  5. Truth versus damage
  6. To study the impact that reporting can have on the lives of the persons occupying the spotlight. How far should reporters be allowed to go in pursuit of truth?

  7. Influence on information
  8. A basic understanding of the impact persons of influence can have on a reporter’s ability to report a factual story.

  9. Risky business
  10. A study into the experience of reporters who have experienced violence or threats towards them, as a result of their work.

  11. Untold stories
  12. To acquire a quantifiable understanding of the rate of important facts that are kept hidden from the public due to corruption and politics.

  13. Local versus international
  14. To uncover the comparative importance of local versus foreign news reporting based on assessment of public opinion.

  15. Fake news
  16. To uncover the reason why many people are willing to trust reports made by comical news reporters.

  17. Affiliations
  18. To discover the full extent of the effects that personal affiliations have on journalism in the world today.

  19. Headlines
  20. To discover the secrets behind creating captivating headlines, while remaining true to the facts of the report.