A List of Excellent Dissertation Ideas for Primary Teaching

When writing a dissertation relating to primary teaching, you have to look carefully at what it will be about. There are numerous considerations that you can use when writing this highly important document for your studies.

  • Child Development Topics
    You can write a dissertation about child development and how it relates to primary teaching. This includes a review of Bowlby’s consideration of the mother-child attachment and how it influences the ways that a child learns. You may also consider a topic in how play helps with improving upon how well a child can learn.
  • Curriculum Points
    A dissertation may also be about how a curriculum can be formed as a means of being more efficient and suitable for a child’s learning needs. These include topics like whether the National Curriculum or Common Core is appropriate or if it needs changing. A look at how IT can be used in a curriculum or how the curriculum can be linked to an assessment process should also be considered.
  • Learning Aspects
    The process of learning can be a subject in your paper. This may include topics on how children benefit from various learning styles. An analysis of how some children are predisposed to certain learning styles may be covered. One good idea to see involves how collaborative learning may be used. An analysis of how students can learn when they work with one another on the same tasks can work. This may entail working with quantitative data based on prior reports or qualitative info on what you might notice at a given time.
  • Who Initiates the Learning?
    Another topic to explore involves understanding the process of initiating the learning. This includes an analysis of whether a teacher or the child should be responsible for starting the studies. A paper can look into how a classroom setting can be influenced by whoever might be in charge of the learning process and getting it organized in a proper manner.

Make sure when choosing a proper dissertation for your primary teaching course that you look carefully at all angles of the field. The goal is to find a topic that you might be more comfortable with or interested in.

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