7 questions to ask when writing a dissertation proposal

As you begin to write a dissertation proposal you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions before setting off. By doing so you can understand the little details that can give you a big advantage in your project.With that thought in mind here are 7 questions that have to be asked when trying to write a dissertation proposal:

  1. What’s it about: the first item that you must consider is that you have to figure out or settle what the project is going to be about. If you can handle that right away then you’ll be well placed to get on with the rest of the task.
  2. Where to look for info: you need to figure out where it is that you are going to get the info that’s required to make your project look professional. As time goes on you’ll see that getting this done fast and to the point will make for an easier project.
  3. What to omit: just as it is important to know what to include you also have to consider what to exclude.
  4. Timeline: within the proposal you may have to include the timeline that you’ll be working to. Getting this right can help avoid missing the deadline.
  5. How long should it be: there might be a word count range that you have to stick to in your proposal. Check with your professor to see if there is a limit that must be adhered to.
  6. Definitions that must be included: within the proposal you need to include the definitions that will add more value to it. Explain what those definitions mean so that those who are new to the topic you are going to study understand the content that you are writing.
  7. Should I hire anyone: also consider the fact that you might need to hire another person if you are going to be successful. This could be a simple proofreader or perhaps someone who is going to complete the entire project for you. The latter will cost more but is of much more help to you in the long run.

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