20 amazing MBA dissertation topics in marketing

Marketing is one of the most known aspects of a business that most people would be aware of. This is because through marketing practices, most business present the general public with an image that would entice them to patronize. This practice has proved very effective, becoming a major field of study in its own right.

As an MBA student, you will be required to complete many papers, dissertations being one of the more prominent types you will encounter. Consider the following list of amazing MBA dissertation topics in marketing:

  1. Placement of advertisements
  2. A study to explore the various impacts ad placed in specific locations have on the public.

  3. Time of contact
  4. A study into the most effective times to place ads and the reasons that make this so.

  5. Ad type effectiveness
  6. To explore and define the different types of ads and their effectiveness when compared to each other.

  7. Common practices
  8. An exploration into the world of generic advertising, to uncover the reasons behind seemingly unmotivated, long term ads.

  9. Uncommon practices
  10. To discover the most unique ad types and the reasons for their existence and effectiveness.

  11. No advertising
  12. What enables a company to survive without ever spending any effort towards self promotion.

  13. Cost of successful marketing
  14. A comparison between large marketing campaigns and small ones based on effectiveness and difficulty of execution.

  15. Influence of society on marketing
  16. To find out how much impact societal practice and belief affects the way ads are constructed.

  17. Medical marketing
  18. A study to consider the risks of medical marketing based on ad effectiveness, customer expectations and real results.

  19. Advertising versus morals
  20. This study will explore the loop holes in law and moral understanding that may be utilized by advertisers to justify deceptive marketing campaigns.

  21. Political ads
  22. This study will explore the differences between ads created for political purposes and those created by a private corporations.

  23. Marketing critics
  24. To write a paper identifying the contributions of marketing critics to create a realistic assessment of their importance to the marketing industry.