Creative Ideas for Dissertation Topics in Social Work

A social work dissertation allows you to delve into issues that affect the society and come with a solution. It also enhances your level of understanding on different aspects in the field. As such, it is important to understand all the concepts involved in handling such a task.

The Basics of Dissertation Writing

Your professors will gauge a number of things when marking your work. Foremost, they will consider your writing skills. Are you able to present ideas in a smooth way? Are your ideas presented in a flawless manner? Have you cited your work?

Further, your professors will consider whether you have chosen a relevant topic in the field. They will, specifically, be interested in finding out whether you are creative enough to present your ideas in a unique manner. At this point, it is important to consider the following creative ideas of writing your paper:

  • The role of a social worker in end of life decisions
  • The population in advanced nations is aging. Social workers are likely to be at the center of some of the decisions made by the aging people in such nations. How can they play their role effectively? Find such details through research.

  • Mentoring as a critical element in social work training
  • There is always a difference between the graduates in the modern world and those who went through the same path in the past. Indeed, the level of commitment to social work may be less amongst the young people as opposed to the older generation. You may want to find out whether mentors can be helpful in such instances.

  • Policies of governments with respect to social work
  • Have governments around the world made the right policies to promote social work? Well, the details can be found through research.

  • Social work interventions to safeguard vulnerable populations
  • Where policies do not exist to safeguard the vulnerable, social workers come in handy. How can they be empowered to do more? A research into the topic will help you get the right information.

  • Safety issues for social workers
  • Are social workers safe to work in residential settings an din some communities? How can they be safer in their line of duty? Such a researcher will be insightful to all players in the field.