In Search For Original Ideas On Globalization: Dissertation Topics To Use

The earth was once thought to be a boundless, realm of unlimited space, now we know it is nothing more than a ball of rock floating around an average star. This knowledge has transformed the lives and belief systems of many civilizations, leading to changes that will continue to ripple through time.

Students are faced with various academic tasks during their educational careers. Of these tasks, completing a dissertation may be one of the most difficult ones to complete, before earning a diploma.

Today, we live in an age of easy communication and transport, around the planet, making our daily lives quite different. Many people rely on this easy global reach to make their living, education or for entertainment. Consider the following original dissertation topics on globalization:

1. Skill based industry

Research into reasons why the companies find it more practical to seek the skills they require from international sources. 2. Outsourcing

An investigation into the reasons why outsourcing is a more viable option for many companies when persons with the required skills are available locally.

3. Online sales

A study into ability of regular persons to make purchases online, with confidence and no fear of loss.

4. Global financial exchange

A study to understand the intricate workings of the global financial exchanges between trading countries around the world.

5. Global exchange requirements

To provide a comprehensive understanding of global requirements and the road blocks they may place for small countries attempting to enter into global trade.

6. Different industries and globalization

This study will explore the reasons why some industries appear to be more suited to competing in a global market than others.

7. War around the planet

This study will explore the effects that war can have on countries that are seemingly involved. It will show how a country that does not actively participate on the global market can be affected by problems arising from globalization.

8. How globalization affects the home

This study places focus on the effects the global market can have on the average home. Through consumerism, household economics can be affected by changes taken place globally.

9. What it means to be employed in a globalized job market

As we become more connected, many people can now rely on international sources for their income, via the internet. This study will show how this can affect the economies of small countries. 10. What are the cons of globalization

This study will explore the various negative effects globalization can have on different economies. Make use of a case study to provide you with a working model to reference.

11. Benefits of globalization to small companies

This study will show why it is a good move for small companies to enter the global market. Make use of a case study to show the real obstacles that must be overcome and how the example company was able to work with this.

12. Social media and globalization

This study will explore the benefits that globalized industries can reap from taking an active part in social media marketing.

13. Cultural Globalization

This study will explore the various ways primitive culture have been affected by globalization. This venture attempts to present a solid case for or against globalization’s effect of indigenous cultures.

14. Automobiles and globalization

To perform research to find out how much the automobile industry has been affected by globalization.

15. Globalization in developing countries

Developing countries can be very sensitive to changes occurring in the global market, this study will present a case for or against passive participation in the global market, by small countries.