Reconsidering Modern Art: 20 Great Dissertation Topics To Use

Modern art is quite different from the classic art pieces that we are all familiar with. Indeed, modern day artist have taken quite a new approach to the field, which, I suppose, is necessary to qualify as an artist. Originality is what most critics crave and as a result, we have taken quite a turn indeed.

One of the main reasons for this may be the tools available to us. Unlike our predecessors, modern day artists have access to a wide variety of extremely helpful materials that can make their job as an artist much easier. As a student, writing an art dissertation can be both interesting and challenging. Consider the following art dissertation topics to give you some options to choose from:

  1. Photo art
  2. This study explores the effect cameras may have had on the resale value of portraits.

  3. Art from war
  4. A study to explore the changes in perception people now have of war, based on scenes communicated by photographs.

  5. Graphic scenery
  6. In this study, we attempt to explore the extent of desensitization to graphic scenery, as a result of its commonality in modern entertainment.

  7. Sexual content
  8. This study explores changing sexual moral views and their effect on an artistic depictions of the different genders.

  9. Sex art
  10. This study attempts to understand the difference in popularity between art pieces depicting females versus those of males.

  11. Beauty then and now
  12. This study explore the change in standards of beauty based on the apparent focus artist place on different features of models.

  13. Gender focus
  14. This study hopes to uncover a connection between artistic talent and the gender of the artist.

  15. Hidden messages
  16. In this study, the changing nature of the messages, hidden and obvious, of art pieces will be compared in attempts to draw a connection between artistic tastes and human cultural development.

  17. Street art
  18. To explore the different skill sets that allow for the creation of art pieces that appear to be three dimensional.

  19. Computer generated imagery
  20. To identify the changes that computer technology has made to the art industry and artists.

  21. Political talk
  22. A study into the art of identity, to understand the practices that lead to the creation of great empires throughout history, to those that exist now.

  23. Graphic illusions
  24. To consider the power of computer generated graphics have on the senses that allow for realistic impressions created in animated styles.